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For lawyers

We assist and collaborate with many labor and corporate law attorneys due to our complementary high-level expertise. Like you, we are accustomed to the fact that some questions should have been answered yesterday. You can call us without obligation – and we do not charge a fee – if the question can be answered over the phone. If the contact potentially leads to an assignment, we are happy to perform it for you or directly for your client.

KWPS is a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors and has derived privilege if the attorney is our client.

Support and themes

Our team of tax specialists, economists, and econometricians supports and advises on the following topics, among others:

Mergers & acquisitions

Pension change processes

Pension and health insurance for start-ups and scale-ups

Quantitative effects of collective agreements

Actuarial calculations

Scope studies regarding pensions and contact with industry-wide pension funds

Mitigation of 52% RVU tax levy

Comparative quotations and WFT advisory processes


We offer free and in-house training at law firms for 1 to 1.5 CPD-points on the following topics:

Introduction to pension law

Future pensions act

Mergers & acquisitions

Pension scope of operations research

Early retirement scheme

Combined training programs on the above topics

Questions, information and contact