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Strawinskylaan 685
1077 XX Amsterdam
WTC Amsterdam
Tower Four, Level 6

KvK-nr: 34248760
AFM-nr: 12040173

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World Trade Center Amsterdam
Toren 4, 6th floor.

Visitors can use the parking garage under the WTC. The entrance to the WTC's parking garage is located on Strawinskylaan. You can park your car on the visitors' first parking layer (-1), in sections 3 and 4. In sections 3F and 4F of the garage, there is an escalator to the ground floor. On the ground floor, next to the Dry Cleaners, take the elevator to Tower 4, 6th floor.

Additionally, KWPS is excellently accessible by public transport. The WTC is next to Amsterdam Zuid station. From Zuidplein, it is a 2-minute walk to the WTC building; on the right side, you will find the entrance to Tower 4. With the elevator, next to the Dry Cleaners, you will reach the 6th floor